Call to Action

If you’ve read opinion pieces lately or spent any time on social media, you’ve no doubt read the headlines alerting you to just how not-normal things are in our country. That is not my intention, because if you haven’t figured that out by now, nothing I say will change your mind. But I’ve had my fill of those pieces, because it’s past time for alerting people to impending doom, and high time we fight back.

The easiest way to fight back is to vote. Every race, every time. If you’re already a pro voter, it’s time to take action. Have you ever called your legislator? It’s not scary at all! Better yet, go visit them. In person. Take a friend, because no one should have that much fun by themselves. You can share that meme on Facebook, but that is not enough anymore, and it probably never was.

Once you’ve become an expert at communicating with your elected officials, the next logical step is to become one! Run for office. You can run for school board, township supervisor, state representative or senator, or congress! Go wild and dream big, because every single elected official is there because they were elected (obviously), and they were elected because they stepped up and ran. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of them are less than ideal. The best way to ensure that your values are being protected is to fight for them with your voice and your vote. Your vote just happens to matter more when you’re the one making the rules.

I’m tired of reading about how the wheels are coming off and we should be alarmed. Of course we should! But we should also catch the wheels and put them back, and then drive in a direction that improves the lives of all people. Go run for office!

Shanna Danielson