This is not a good day.

This is not a good day for America. A shooting occurred in a bank this morning, killing four people, including the gunman. Increasingly we face days like these, and yet they continue, often without even a mention in the news.

We are not safe in this country. We cannot go to the bank, the movies, a concert, or a video game tournament. We cannot go to public school, or to a college campus. We are not safe in parking lots, at Walmart, or driving on the highway. We have a problem, and we need to come to terms with it and address it now.

We have too many people in this country that have access to deadly weapons and should not have that access. We can argue on the meaning of the second amendment, but that has been going on for years and gotten us nowhere.

The Pennsylvania Senate passed legislation unanimously to address at least one faction of this. SB501 would address access to weapons for those who have had their due process and were found to have committed domestic violence. This is not complicated. Those people should not have guns. And yet this legislation has not even been given the time of day by the House, because our majority would rather please the NRA than save lives.

Just this week, the House has reintroduced HB 357, the Right to Bear Arms Protection Act. Here is the summary of the bill- “Providing that any Federal law which attempts to register, restrict or ban a firearm or to limit the size of a magazine of a firearm in this Commonwealth shall be unenforceable in this Commonwealth; and imposing penalties.” This bill lists the current Representative in the 92nd District as a co-sponsor.

Do you want to live in a world where the right to own weapons is more heavily protected than the right to live your life without fear of being murdered at school? Or at the bank? Or anywhere, for that matter?

That’s not the Pennsylvania I want to raise my son in. We can do better than this.

Shanna Danielson