What a start!

Tomorrow I will head to Harrisburg to file my petitions! It's hard to believe it's only been three weeks since I decided to run. I'd been thinking about it for months, but making that decision was no small feat! And I certainly wouldn't be sitting here writing this right now if I wasn't encouraged by people who have become great friends in just three short weeks. What a start.

I'm sure I will tell this story many times. Three weeks ago I attended an Indivisible meeting. I was feeling proud of myself for taking a big step since the last meeting and becoming a committeewoman for my precinct, and participating in the county democratic party. I was inspired to run for that position at the previous Indivisible meeting I'd attended. Are you sensing a pattern?

Before the pride had settled, I found myself listening to a current democratic representative talk about how there were still seats in the general assembly where no democratic candidate had been identified. Come talk to the representative, they said. See how you can get involved, they said. Well, no harm in just asking a question or two, right?

I wanted to know what kinds of things I should be doing now if I wanted to run in, let's say...10 years. The conversation was helpful, but the question lingered: why wait 10 years? Have you SEEN what has been happening since the 2016 election? 2018 is a year for bold change! And before I knew it, I was leaving a meeting with a group of supporters and a possible run for office.

I have learned so much already, met amazing people in this district, and developed a basic campaign infrastructure in three short weeks. The months ahead will be tiring, busy, and exciting. I can't wait to continue this journey with all of you!

Shanna Danielson